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Designing Network Palo Alto Firewall : Virtual Wire Deployment

Hello…., this is the first post about the palo alto firewall, my other post in this blog are about juniper srx firewall. So the questions are..where do we start with palo alto? which scenario that you would to implement in your network, what feature you want to get? how you can design palo alto firewall in your existing network without ‘change’ the design? or you want to design in new network? that all your questions, right? 🙂

cukup ya in english-nya, haha..

Jadi palo alto network atau PAN firewall memiliki beberapa skenarion deployment. Berikut ini adalah beberapa skenario yang mungkin bisa anda pertimbangkan, jadi ada 4 skenario deployment yaitu:

  1. Virtual wide mode.
  2. Tap mode
  3. Layer 2 mode
  4. Layer 3 mode

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